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Prayer Ministries



Every Thursday evening, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, members of the Prayer Team join together via a conference line to pray.  This line is open to anyone who wishes to join us or needs prayer and would like for us to pray with you.  To participate in the call: 1-218-895-0984, a voice will instruct you to enter a code.  That code is 2552.  You will then be connected.  You may come on or off the call at any time during that hour.  Please consider joining us during this time.


Prayer Shawls,Quilts,Blankets Ministry

Individuals, as well as groups make the prayer shawls, quilts and blankets, praying as they work to complete each item.  The shawls, quilts and blankets are then brought to the church to be given to anyone in need.  When a prayer blanket is assigned to a person, the congregation then has an opportunity to go to the altar on Sunday morning and pray for the recipient of that blanket.  May every person who receives a prayer shawl, blanket, or quilt feel the healing power of our God and the love of our congregation as they are wrapped in the warmth of that cover.



Prayer of the Knitter: 

As I knit this prayer shawl I pray that the person receiving it will feel God’s love each time it is put around your shoulders.  May you feel that God is enveloping you in his mighty arms.  May you feel healing in your mind, body and soul and know that you are cared for and loved.  God bless you.


Prayer Bear Ministry


"I have at in the sanctuary and heard hymns, songs, Scripture and prayers, including prayers for you.  I come to you now, with the love, grace and hope that our church family extends to you."

From a CUMC Prayer Bear


Our congregation is encouraged to share our "Prayer Bears" with those around them who are in need of love and prayer due to difficult circumstances they may be facing. 



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